We want YOU to be brilliant! To be YOUR absolute best!

Coaches help people perform at their highest level. It’s that simple.
We watch your performance, we listen, we observe, we help guide you to find your path to your own greatness.


Coaching is designed to look forward and create greatness


We make sure that everything you tell us is confidential.  That’s essential to the process. It is the basis of trust.

We promise you that you will grow and transform.  

It’s an  incredible journey. It depends on you doing the work and sticking at it. 


Our 100 Day Program gets you growing instantly, and creates your own personal framework for your continued growth long after the program is over. Our program is conducted online by Skype or Zoom calls, and each session is between 45 minutes and one hour.

Day 1 – Discovery – followed by a 7 day, daily exercise
Day 7 – Complete & submit your first coaching preparation form
  PHASE I – Establishing new patterns & determining a direction
Day 8 – Participate in your second coaching session – 45 min
Day 25 – Participate in your third coaching session – 45 min
Day 40 – Participate in your fourth coaching session – 45 min
  PHASE II – Creating your own anchors
Day 55 – Participate in your fifth coaching session – 45 min
Day 70 – Participate in your sixth coaching session – 45 min
  PHASE III – MESPF – Building your Inner Circle
Day 85 – Participate in your seventh coaching session 45 min
Day 100 Participate in your eighth and final coaching session – 60 min
  PHASE IV – The way ahead
You determine the next step – ideally, it is time to fly!

One month later we get together for a follow up session and ensure that you are doing great, providing support & direction.