Coaching is a personal journey. Every one of us needs advice and help at different times in our lives, but where to turn to? And who to ask? These are the all important questions. Turning to a friend can be helpful, but they are not always qualified to give advice.

Sometimes there are some issues that you would prefer not to talk with your friends about too. Done! coaches are trained to meet your personal needs and help you thrive as you work towards your business objectives.

We help great people get better at what they do.

Throughout your coaching journey we ensure that the highest levels of confidentiality are maintained, we never compromise your integrity. At the same time we often speak directly and challenge the status quo to encourage you to shift from your comfort zone and into growth.

It’s an exciting personal journey that delivers outstanding life results. It could be as simple as an accountability partner, a mentor or a fully certified life coach. Let us know what you need and we will get you growing.


Our coaching model is designed to make you self-sufficient over 100 days. We work together with you to hone your skills in gathering around you a coaching infrastructure that you manage, that ensures you create constant personal growth from within.

Day 1 – Discovery – followed by a ten day, daily exercise
Day 10 – Complete & submit your first coaching preparation form
  PHASE I – Establishing new patterns & determining a direction
Day 11 – Participate in your first coaching session – 45 min
Day 25 – Participate in your second coaching session – 45 min
Day 40 – Participate in your third coaching session – 45 min
  PHASE II – Creating your own anchors
Day 55 – Participate in your fourth coaching session – 45 min
Day 70 – Participate in your fifth coaching session – 45 min
  PHASE III – MESPF – Building your Inner Circle
Day 85 – Participate in your sixth coaching session 45 min
Day 100 Participate in your seventh and final coaching session – 60 min
  PHASE IV – The way ahead
You determine the next step – ideally, it is time to fly!