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Done Overview

What gets
measured gets

  • Company standards
  • Live training
  • Management commitment
  • Employee turnover
  • Career progression
  • Learning dedication

Catering to all
industry sectors

Done provides a simple, reliable and
multi-lingual platform that assures knowledge
transfer to all team members, in all industries

Get Started

The simplest
solution on the

  • One-click dashboard
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Live updates
  • Video based learning
  • Cloud based
  • Paperless learning
  • Any device
  • White Label


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No upfront fees, subscription model.

Build your own academy in 3 easy steps

Every license comes loaded with a fully customisable platform:

  • Video orientation
  • Video learning program
  • Job description template
  • Detailed reporting & analytics
  • Mission, vision & values
  • Team feedback loop

Step one

What is the size of your company?

Brands $799/Brand


Country $499/Country


Locations $199/Location


Users $3/User - min 10


Step Two

Select your features:

Product learning


B 1

Advanced programs


Employee birthdays


Flag sessions




Product book production


HR - Custom evaluation


Daily Briefing


Step three

Select your integration:

Integration by video

Learn how to integrate your academy online & 12 hours live support


Integration live

2 days of live team training & 3 days of follow up content produced by you


Ready to launch

Content developed & produced & filmed (21 days)

  • Orientation videos 10
  • General program videos 50
  • (Reception,Bar,Wine,Service)
  • Product list 50



Academy learning programs:

Orientation Videos

Package (include up to 10 videos fully shot & edited)


General program videos

Package includes 50 videos fully shot & edited


Product list

Package includes the creation of 50 products from your business


Done training program

Train the trainer (3 full days) live certified training program



Your total annual billing with features


One-time payment



Total amount to pay:


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