Systems run restaurants. People run systems.

We provide consulting services to help you run them.

Done! works in partnership with the management of your hotel or restaurant to provide practical and effective training software for all your team, tuned to your special needs.

Done! designs and plans, and then implements the team training needed for long-term effectiveness, avoiding the need for never-ending management involvement

Your prime objective is having happy customers, customers who really do want to return; class training will open that opportunity for you. Done!

Solution Key Benefits

Your training needs met for all your team all the time.


Training System

Employee-Driven Training System

Guarantees that every employee is trained in customer service from the onset of his or her employment; no employee gets left behind.

To achieve the full effect of our training solution, we recommend that at hiring, every employee's starting salary is a temporary one, and that it will be increased upon successful completion of the training programme, in parallel with an evaluation.

Total Administrative Control

Our system provides full control over your training programme and includes continuously updated notifications of your employees' training progress. In other words, you will know how your people are progressing all the time, and you will also be able to encourage their successes.

Experience has shown that where managers and employees work together in training, and then in evaluation of improved performance, two benefits follow automatically: first, increased customer happiness; second, employee loyalty to the company.


Anytime Accessibility

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

The challenge in training every employee up to a company's operating standards has held back many from achieving the great results that they dream of. The main reason is that the hospitality industry has traditionally had a high turnover of employees, and typically has relied upon paper-driven systems for managing training.

Done! provides an on-line repository for all training programs, giving employees easy access to everything relevant to his or her position. It is cloud based and therefore accessible 24/7.

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